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All orders will be shipped with Express Mail from Bulgaria ( Europe ). 

PLEASE, PROVIDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AT CHECKOUT WITHIN THE NOTE TO SELLER  ( FedEx will contact you if it is not able to deliver your order for any reason and you will be able to coordinate directly with the delivery person).

If you wish your item to be shipped to different address, please contact me.
Shipping worldwide from Europe/Sofia ( without LIBYA, IRAN, IRAQ,SYRIA,SOMALIA, PALESTINE )
• Shipping to USA 2-3 working days after mailing 
• Shipping to EUROPE 1-2 working days after mailing 
• Shipping to AUSTRALIA 2-3 working days after mailing
• Shipping to ASIA 2-3 working days after mailing

* NOTE there might be delays due to custom procedure and holidays.

Shipping Cost

Shipping cost varies by the country in which you live and the number and type of garment(s) you may choose to order. However, don’t worry! Once you add any piece(s) to your shopping bag, you’ll be able to see the applicable shipping cost associated with any potential order before checking out.

Lost Packages

I offer you may pick something else from my shop (the fault isn't mine if it is happened ) but I want you to happy and satisfied !I think it is fair !

There are circumstances I cannot control. However, if there is any problem I will do everything I can to help resolve the situation at your best interest.:)

Customs duties and fees

Some countries charge additional customs duties and fees and customers are responsible for any such charges. As best as practicable, although we are by no means global customs experts, we strive to make customers aware of the possibility of such duties and fees in advance of sending any order (in this context, you may get a courtesy email warning). We are occasionally asked if we can send packages as gifts to avoid such charges. To be clear, even if certain, other e-commerce businesses engage in this practice (as we are told), this is an illegal practice and may additionally subject you, as the customer, to penalties and fines in your own country. Regardless, as a business that strives to be ethical in its approach, we are not able to mark your items as gifts with low value on customs forms. 

Shipping Address

All items will be shipped to the address on your Ralele account. If you wish your item to be shipped to a different address, please add a note to seller at checkout so that we can use the appropriate address. If we mail your order to the address on your Ralele account prior to your sending us any request for an address change, we would be unable to reimburse you for the cost of potentially transferring the package. 

Thank you for reading !

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